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Cover of The City of BlazesCover of The City of Blazes

The City of Blazes

David Somerset

Cover of The ReturnCover of The Return

The Return

David Hill

Cover of Quaky Cat Helps OutCover of Quaky Cat Helps Out

Quaky Cat Helps Out

Gavin Bishop and Diana Noonan

Cover of Release the BeastCover of Release the Beast

Release the Beast

Romy Sai Zunde

Cover of Og and the BeetlesCover of Og and the Beetles

Og and the Beetles

Barbara Else

Cover of Knightly NewsCover of Knightly News

Knightly News

Anna Kenna

Cover of Ms Beasley SeriesCover of Ms Beasley Series

Ms Beasley Series

Barbara Else

Cover of Everybody Wants to Join the fleaBITE BandCover of Everybody Wants to Join the fleaBITE Band

Everybody Wants to Join the fleaBITE Band

Robin Nathan and Shannon Williams

Cover of The Dragon HuntersCover of The Dragon Hunters

The Dragon Hunters

James Russell

Cover of The Roadman BoogieCover of The Roadman Boogie

The Roadman Boogie

Nikki Slade Robinson

Cover of The JumbarooCover of The Jumbaroo

The Jumbaroo

Joy Cowley

Cover of Greedy CatCover of Greedy Cat

Greedy Cat

Joy Cowley

Cover of Aroha’s WayCover of Aroha’s Way

Aroha’s Way

Craig Phillips

Cover of How Māui Fished Up the North IslandCover of How Māui Fished Up the North Island

How Māui Fished Up the North Island

Retold by Donovan Bixley

Cover of Te Hīnga Ake a MāuiCover of Te Hīnga Ake a Māui

Te Hīnga Ake a Māui

Donovan Bixley

Cover of Māui – Te Kaihao i te RāCover of Māui – Te Kaihao i te Rā

Māui – Te Kaihao i te Rā

Nā Tim Tipene. Nā Rob Ruha i whakamāori

Cover of Tilly’s Mouse ShoesCover of Tilly’s Mouse Shoes

Tilly’s Mouse Shoes

Janice Marriott

Cover of Tiki and the TuiCover of Tiki and the Tui

Tiki and the Tui

Apirana Taylor

Cover of Te Manu Waewae e WhāCover of Te Manu Waewae e Whā

Te Manu Waewae e Whā

Apirana Taylor

Cover of The Four Legged BirdCover of The Four Legged Bird

The Four Legged Bird

Apirana Taylor

Cover of Hello Kikimo!Cover of Hello Kikimo!

Hello Kikimo!

Jula Prakash

Cover of A Delicious SuperpowerCover of A Delicious Superpower

A Delicious Superpower

Chye-Ling Huang

Cover of Mere me ngā Pī Mānuka TipuaCover of Mere me ngā Pī Mānuka Tipua

Mere me ngā Pī Mānuka Tipua

Nā Jasmine Kaa. Nā Hone Morris i whakamāori

Cover of Wacko KakapoCover of Wacko Kakapo

Wacko Kakapo

Yvonne Morrison

Cover of Bone GrowingCover of Bone Growing

Bone Growing

Janice Marriott

Cover of Best Behaved BearCover of Best Behaved Bear

Best Behaved Bear

Diana Noonan

Cover of What Will I Be Today?Cover of What Will I Be Today?

What Will I Be Today?

Steph Matuku, Renee Liang, Victor Rodger, and Kyle Mewburn

Cover of The Wetter the BetterCover of The Wetter the Better

The Wetter the Better

Emma Vere-Jones

Cover of Moe Makes MusicCover of Moe Makes Music

Moe Makes Music

Pop-Up Workshop

Cover of NorthwoodCover of Northwood


Brian Falkner

Cover of Airini’s PresentCover of Airini’s Present

Airini’s Present

Karen Sidney

Cover of Texting MonsterCover of Texting Monster

Texting Monster

Norman Bilbrough

Cover of Dirt is FreedomCover of Dirt is Freedom

Dirt is Freedom

Norman Bilbrough

Cover of Cat CrushCover of Cat Crush

Cat Crush

Norman Bilbrough

Cover of What We SayCover of What We Say

What We Say

Judith Holloway

Cover of T-RexCover of T-Rex


Judith Holloway

Cover of Talofa – HelloCover of Talofa – Hello

Talofa – Hello

Judith Holloway

Cover of Poor DadCover of Poor Dad

Poor Dad

Judith Holloway

Cover of Pip the DripCover of Pip the Drip

Pip the Drip

Judith Holloway

Cover of Pigs Might FlyCover of Pigs Might Fly

Pigs Might Fly

Judith Holloway

Cover of Pakaru PianoCover of Pakaru Piano

Pakaru Piano

Judith Holloway

Cover of More Like a BoyCover of More Like a Boy

More Like a Boy

Judith Holloway

Cover of The MatchCover of The Match

The Match

Judith Holloway

Cover of KitesCover of Kites


Judith Holloway

Cover of Hong Kong PencilCover of Hong Kong Pencil

Hong Kong Pencil

Judith Holloway

Cover of HohaCover of Hoha


Judith Holloway

Cover of Charlie MungCover of Charlie Mung

Charlie Mung

Judith Holloway

Cover of Calf DaysCover of Calf Days

Calf Days

Judith Holloway

Cover of BilletCover of Billet


Judith Holloway

Cover of BikesCover of Bikes


Judith Holloway

Cover of One Cold DayCover of One Cold Day

One Cold Day

Fleur Beale

Cover of Josefa and the VuCover of Josefa and the Vu

Josefa and the Vu

Tulia Thompson

Cover of Freedom FlightCover of Freedom Flight

Freedom Flight

Apirana Taylor

Cover of The ViolinCover of The Violin

The Violin

Tessa Duder

Cover of Give it a HeaveCover of Give it a Heave

Give it a Heave

David Hill

Cover of Koro’s DreamCover of Koro’s Dream

Koro’s Dream

Jacqui Brown

Cover of The Dragon in the BackyardCover of The Dragon in the Backyard

The Dragon in the Backyard

Christine Chan-Hyams

Cover of Wooden ArmsCover of Wooden Arms

Wooden Arms

Sara Johnson

Cover of Waiting for LaterCover of Waiting for Later

Waiting for Later

Tina Matthews

Cover of Mind Your Gramma!Cover of Mind Your Gramma!

Mind Your Gramma!

Yvonne Morrison

Cover of MeluCover of Melu


Kyle Mewburn

Cover of Lest We ForgetCover of Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

Feana Tu’akoi

Cover of Eloise, Manu and Room 20 know all about being TurtlesCover of Eloise, Manu and Room 20 know all about being Turtles

Eloise, Manu and Room 20 know all about being Turtles

Nikki Evans and Reuben Evans Pollock

Cover of Ria the RecklessCover of Ria the Reckless

Ria the Reckless

Jane Buxton

Cover of Mister WhistlerCover of Mister Whistler

Mister Whistler

Margaret Mahy

Cover of 1+1=HundredsCover of 1+1=Hundreds


Raewyn Murray

Cover of Official WelcomeCover of Official Welcome

Official Welcome

Janice Marriott

Cover of The Rainy SeasonCover of The Rainy Season

The Rainy Season

Sue Gibbison

Cover of Quaky CatCover of Quaky Cat

Quaky Cat

Diana Noonan

Cover of The FishermanCover of The Fisherman

The Fisherman

Ben Brown

Cover of Welcome HomeCover of Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Sue Gibbison

Cover of TaliaCover of Talia


Catherine Hannken

Cover of What the Wind DoesCover of What the Wind Does

What the Wind Does

Janice Marriott

Cover of Fair SharesCover of Fair Shares

Fair Shares

David Hill

Cover of Playing It CoolCover of Playing It Cool

Playing It Cool

David Hill

Cover of Hats OffCover of Hats Off

Hats Off

David Hill

Cover of The Gingerbread Man (song)Cover of The Gingerbread Man (song)

The Gingerbread Man (song)

Tanya Batt, Craig Denham

Cover of Slinky MalinkiCover of Slinky Malinki

Slinky Malinki

Lynley Dodd

Cover of Hine’s RainbowCover of Hine’s Rainbow

Hine’s Rainbow

Judith Holloway

Cover of Jimmy’s StarshipCover of Jimmy’s Starship

Jimmy’s Starship

Apirana Taylor

Cover of Rangi RoimataCover of Rangi Roimata

Rangi Roimata

Apirana Taylor

Cover of SecretsCover of Secrets


Apirana Taylor

Cover of The Wind ChildrenCover of The Wind Children

The Wind Children

Apirana Taylor

Cover of Climbing the VineCover of Climbing the Vine

Climbing the Vine

Apirana Taylor

Cover of The ProjectCover of The Project

The Project

Apirana Taylor

Cover of Takeaway DogCover of Takeaway Dog

Takeaway Dog

Norman Bilbrough

Cover of JellybeanCover of Jellybean


Tessa Duder

Cover of Iris’s UkuleleCover of Iris’s Ukulele

Iris’s Ukulele

Kathy Taylor

Cover of A WishCover of A Wish

A Wish

Amy Huang

Cover of The Big ShiftCover of The Big Shift

The Big Shift

Jacqui Brown

Cover of The SingerCover of The Singer

The Singer

Jacqui Brown

Cover of HaircutsCover of Haircuts


Jane Buxton

Cover of HoichiCover of Hoichi


David Somerset

Cover of Fishing FameCover of Fishing Fame

Fishing Fame

Melanie Drewery

Cover of DungerCover of Dunger


Joy Cowley

Cover of Dead Man’s HeadCover of Dead Man’s Head

Dead Man’s Head

Jack Lasenby

Cover of The Red PoppyCover of The Red Poppy

The Red Poppy

David Hill

Cover of Henry Bob BobbalichCover of Henry Bob Bobbalich

Henry Bob Bobbalich

Juliette MacIver

Cover of Stan the Van ManCover of Stan the Van Man

Stan the Van Man

Emma Vere-Jones