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Dead Man’s Head

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Dead Man’s Head

By Jack Lasenby

Narrated by Tina Regtien

Suitable for Kids and Young Adult

Published by Longacre Press

Set in the depression of 1930, Dead Man’s Head tells of the lively exploits of a gang of children in a small rural town as they fill their summer school holidays.

  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 15m 30s5m 30s
    The Seddon Street Gang - Denny, Polly, twins Pete and Joe and the leader, Bob - from the small rural Waikato town, Waharua, in 1930. Denny tries to blow up the Rotorua Express and at school, the kids all play footy.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 1
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 25m 16s5m 16s
    Mr Welsh the teacher, warns the children not to get into trouble in the holidays and tells Polly to leave Catherine Campbell alone. The gang decides what they're going to do over the summer.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 2
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 36m 3s6m 3s
    The Seddon Street Gang outwit Mr Whistler, the Station Master who they all call the Gorilla. They lock him in his goods shed, along with Mr Hudson the lorry driver.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 3
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 44m 19s4m 19s
    The rest of the gang have to go home after the serial but Denny stays on at the Saturday night flicks. He sits in front of Mr Whistler who puts his hands round Denny's neck during the horror feature. Denny's screams stop the movie.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 4
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 54m 37s4m 37s
    The gang have been forbidden to go to the pictures. They see smoke from Clark's house on Saturday night and race to the hall for help. Everyone runs out leaving Mrs Packham sitting on the ramp.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 5
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 65m 38s5m 38s
    Denny rescues the Clark's cat and clock from the fire. A bucket brigade and blankets stop the fire spreading and Mr Clark's lorry is saved, but the gang have to watch as the house burns down.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 6
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 75m 14s5m 14s
    Bob leads the gang to the cheese factory to fly their gliders. Mr Shepherd sees their footprints, but can't reach them in the hut they've made of boxes, high up in the rafters.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 7
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 85m 8s5m 8s
    The Seddon Street Gang reach the top of the factory and carve their initials in the rail. Down in the yard Mr Shepherd sees them and gives chase but Catherine Campbell's father hides them behind his engine room bench.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 8
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 94m 56s4m 56s
    The gang hide in a hedge to surprise people passing by. Not much happens so they cross the paddock and watch a truck take away a dead cow. Then they go to Johnny Johannsen's orchard for apples.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 9
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 105m 5s5m 5s
    Johnny Johannsen takes the gang to shoot at birds and lets them help themselves to apples. But Bob says Johnny used to shoot children and use them as scarecrows so they throw apples and taunt him.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 10
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 115m 22s5m 22s
    The gang all make trolleys and ride them on Pedlar's Hill. Mr Clark drives into the bamboo castle they've put at the bottom and is very angry. They're not allowed to go out of Seddon Street and the boys get hidings.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 11
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 124m 58s4m 58s
    The gang are wrongly accused of breaking the insulation cups on the telegraph poles. They work out that it's probably Catherine Campbell's fault. Bob has an idea of how to get their own back.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 12
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 135m 43s5m 43s
    The Seddon Street gang ride the railway jigger in the moonlight and bombard Mrs Pedlar's roof with acorns.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 13
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 144m 44s4m 44s
    Railway jigger gets hit by the late goods train. The gang are OK but can't find the jigger anywhere. They run home and, years later, Mr Pedlar finds it.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 14
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 154m 47s4m 47s
    Denny gets up in the night and goes to the peach tree. He hears 'the Murderer', Mr Clark, go into his shed. Then the gang all come out and go to the factory to carve their names on the new railing.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 15
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 165m 5s5m 5s
    The gang discover that Mr Clark has hanged himself in the shed. Polly's dad tells her he was a victim of the Great War but Mrs Pedlar, the Sunday School teacher, says it was against God's Law and it's wicked to say war is wrong.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 16
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 174m 39s4m 39s
    Polly and Denny watch a mob of cattle go past. The drover frees a bull stuck by Mr Clark's lorry. The children talk about death and splash through the cow muck to join Denny and the others. Polly rolls a cigarette.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 17
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 185m 8s5m 8s
    The gang come upon a couple of swaggers and the younger one offers them some Juno Cut Plug tobacco in a pipe. Polly likes it but Denny feels sick. The swaggers take off and Denny vows never to smoke again.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 18
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 195m 25s5m 25s
    The gang go to Mr Silver's sawdust heap and hide in Old Man Wilson's maize. He's angry but Mr Wilson defends them. Pete cuts his foot badly and Mr Casey, who has a wooden leg from the war, shows them how to carry Pete home.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 19
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 205m 14s5m 14s
    Pete's mother bandages his foot and Denny copies the way Mr Casey hops and he breathes as if he has a gas mask. The children discuss marriage and Denny takes some of his mothers scones to Mr Casey.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 20
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 215m 59s5m 59s
    Denny's father has a serious accident and his mother goes to be with him in Waikato hospital, leaving Denny and his sister Betty with mean Aunty Joyce. Aunty Joyce locks Denny in his room.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 21
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 225m 29s5m 29s
    Denny escapes to the back shed and the gang give him food. Aunty Joyce tricks him into coming out and thrashes him. Uncle Ted arrvies and takes Denny home to stay with him in the country.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 22
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 235m 46s5m 46s
    Uncle Ted gives Denny some Dead Man's Head pudding and Denny talks to his mother on the neighbour's phone. Denny's father is much better.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 23
  • Dead Man’s Head – Part 244m 40s4m 40s
    Denny goes home to his mother in Waharua. But lots of children have got infantile paralysis and the gang are delighted - it means they're all going to stay at Uncle Ted's for the rest of the summer.
    Cover of Dead Man’s Head – Part 24