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By Joy Cowley

Narrated by Simon Leary and Victoria Abbott

Suitable for Kids and Young Adult

Published by Gecko Press and produced by Prue Langbein Audio through the RNZ/NZ On Air Innovation Fund

William and Melissa have been roped into helping their old hippie grandparents fix up their holiday home in the middle of the Sounds. As far as they are concerned this is not a holiday.

  • Dunger – Part 111m 37s11m 37s
    William and Melissa are told they have to go and stay with their grandparents
  • Dunger – Part 210m 12s10m 12s
    William and Melissa are hating it at their grandparent's bach
  • Dunger – Part 311m 44s11m 44s
    There's mouse poo and swimming for Melissa and William at their grandparent's bach
  • Dunger – Part 411m 6s11m 6s
    William gets a driving lesson in the dunger
  • Dunger – Part 510m 24s10m 24s
    Melissa has a guitar lesson and Williams trims branches at the bach
  • Dunger – Part 610m 50s10m 50s
    William comes down to earth with a bang and the oldies have a singsong
  • Dunger – Part 711m 6s11m 6s
    At least there's a fishing trip on offer in the Sounds, but still no cellphone reception
  • Dunger – Part 812m 11s12m 11s
    William and Grandpa struggle with the boat and then it all goes from bad to worse
  • Dunger – Part 99m 57s9m 57s
    An emergency means everyone has to pitch in to help
  • Dunger – Part 1011m 1s11m 1s
    Things have taken a serious turn and a life hangs in the balance