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Everybody Wants to Join the fleaBITE Band

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Everybody Wants to Join the fleaBITE Band

By Robin Nathan and Shannon Williams

Suitable for Kids and Little Kids

Published by fleaBITE

fleaBITE wants to start a new insect band. He travels round New Zealand (via dog) with his musical sidekicks The Fabulous Fleamales. At each small town, fleaBITE auditions an insect musician keen to get their musical careers started before their life cycle ends.

  • Boris the Borer5m 59s5m 59s
    Boris the Borer (from Nelson, New Zealand) is a borer in more ways than one. But he’s a dab hand at the accordion.
    Cover of Boris the Borer
  • Camilla the Cranefly4m 53s4m 53s
    Camilla the Crane Fly (from Christchurch, New Zealand) is a classy lady and a talented harp player.
    Cover of Camilla the Cranefly
  • Gavin the Tunnelweb Spider6m 3s6m 3s
    Gavin the Tunnelweb Spider (from Blenheim, New Zealand) might look scary but he’s a fabulous weaver and a fine bass player.
    Cover of Gavin the Tunnelweb Spider
  • Maggie the Mite6m 13s6m 13s
    Maggie the Mite (from Sanson, New Zealand) plays a ukulele that can only be seen with a microscope.
    Cover of Maggie the Mite
  • Marama the Wētā5m 28s5m 28s
    This week fleaBITE travels to Hastings, New Zealand to interview Marama the Wētā. Marama plays the baritone saxophone cos it’s got a mellow night-time vibe… just like her.
    Cover of Marama the Wētā
  • Marco the Monarch Butterfly6m 10s6m 10s
    Beautiful Marco the Monarch Butterfly (from Foxton, New Zealand) showcases the joyful sound of the Cuban guitar (or tres).
    Cover of Marco the Monarch Butterfly
  • Raewyn the Huhu Grub5m 7s5m 7s
    Raewyn the Huhu Grub (from Karamea, New Zealand) takes a break from her busy schedule to toot the flute.
    Cover of Raewyn the Huhu Grub
  • Shelley the Kauri Snail6m 20s6m 20s
    Shelley the Kauri Snail (from Waitakere Ranges, New Zealand) instrument of choice, the tuba, looks just like her own shell.
    Cover of Shelley the Kauri Snail
  • Simon the Cicada5m 48s5m 48s
    This week fleaBITE travels to Wellington, New Zealand to interview Simon the Cicada whose family has been in the music business for around 11 million years!
    Cover of Simon the Cicada
  • Stephanie the Stick Insect6m 4s6m 4s
    Among her many talents Stephanie the Stick Insect (from New Plymouth, New Zealand) is a marimba player. She can also grow a new leg if she damages an old one.
    Cover of Stephanie the Stick Insect
  • Suzy the Southern Ant6m 15s6m 15s
    Cruisey Suzy the Southern Ant (from Stewart Island, New Zealand) is a top sheila who showcases the rhythms of the thumb piano (or mbira).
    Cover of Suzy the Southern Ant
  • Walter the Wasp6m 8s6m 8s
    Walter the Wasp (from Levin, New Zealand) is a punk rocker who upsets the neighbours with his loud electric guitar.
    Cover of Walter the Wasp
  • Wiremu the Worm5m 56s5m 56s
    Despite Wiremu the Worm’s (from Pukekohe, New Zealand) long and ancient history, he is passionate about the synthesiser.
    Cover of Wiremu the Worm