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Iris’s Ukulele

Cover of Iris’s Ukulele
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Iris’s Ukulele

By Kathy Taylor

Narrated by Phoebe Hurst

Suitable for Kids and Young Adult

Published by Scholastic New Zealand

Iris wants to be the best rapper and ukulele player in the whole of the entire universe. Preferably with her best friend ever, Sidney, at her side.

  • Iris’s Ukulele – Part 112m 11s12m 11s
    Iris is in trouble with her Mum for using her lipstick to practise vampire makeup with her best friend Sidney for their rap musical. Sidney has something important to tell Iris but it has to wait until after class.
    Cover of Iris’s Ukulele – Part 1
  • Iris’s Ukulele – Part 212m 58s12m 58s
    Sidney suggests he and Iris enter the talent contest at the mall and split the prize so she can buy the purple ukulele she's seen in the Guitarium. They quarrel because Sidney wants to do a glam rock opera, not rap.
    Cover of Iris’s Ukulele – Part 2
  • Iris’s Ukulele – Part 312m 25s12m 25s
    Sidney is buddy-ing up with Morgan who is entering the talent contest with a hip hop routine. Iris gets her mum to sign the talent quest form and Gran takes her to shop for clothes.
    Cover of Iris’s Ukulele – Part 3
  • Iris’s Ukulele – Part 411m 54s11m 54s
    Iris arrives at school in her new clothes which are the same as Morgan's. Sidney is teased and hit by Che. Elijah, the boy Iris really likes, takes Sidney to the sick bay.
    Cover of Iris’s Ukulele – Part 4
  • Iris’s Ukulele – Part 511m 38s11m 38s
    Iris makes up with Sidney and they decide to combine their vampires and glam rock for the talent quest. Dressed and made up they're about to go with Gran but her car tyre is flat, so they catch the bus with Mum.
    Cover of Iris’s Ukulele – Part 5
  • Iris’s Ukulele – Part 612m 46s12m 46s
    Iris and Sidney get to the talent quest just in time and Iris uses the purple ukulele Paddy brings over. Elijah turns up to see Iris, along with his brother Zac who gets on well with Sidney.
    Cover of Iris’s Ukulele – Part 6