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Knightly News

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Knightly News

By Anna Kenna

Narrated by Kelson Henderson

Suitable for Kids

Scott Knight wants to be a famous camera operator, but he discovers it's hard work.

  • Knightly News – Part 111m 4s11m 4s
    Scott Knight has always wanted to be a camera operator and his local news bulletin--Knightly News--goes down well with his neighbours, but disaster strikes when he helps film an interview with the mayor.
    Cover of Knightly News – Part 1
  • Knightly News – Part 211m 8s11m 8s
    Scott isn't that excited to film the local ballet performance until he realises that his friend Lisa is in the performance. Unfortunately, there's something up with the footage he captures.
    Cover of Knightly News – Part 2
  • Knightly News – Part 312m 51s12m 51s
    After two disaster film shoots, Scott decides to give up on his dreams of becoming a camera operator--but something unexpected happens on his way to sell his camera.
    Cover of Knightly News – Part 3