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Cover of Northwood
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By Brian Falkner

Narrated by Fiona Samuel

Suitable for Kids and Young Adult

Published by Capstone

Cecilia Undergarment likes a challenge. So when she discovers a sad and neglected dog, she is determined to rescue him. No matter what. But her daring dog rescue lands her in deep trouble.

  • Northwood – Part 112m 54s12m 54s
    Cecilia lives in an extraordinary giant balloon house in an unusual village near to the forest of Northwood
    Cover of Northwood – Part 1
  • Northwood – Part 213m 21s13m 21s
    Cecilia has a clever plan, to rescue the neighbours dog, Rocky, with the help of her friendly housekeeper, Jana. But the mean neighbour, Mr Proctor, has other ideas.
    Cover of Northwood – Part 2
  • Northwood – Part 313m 10s13m 10s
    Cecilia's balloon bedroom drifts into the forest of Northwood. Strange creatures appear… who will rescue her?
    Cover of Northwood – Part 3
  • Northwood – Part 414m 24s14m 24s
    Cecilia learns of the history of Northwood forest - including its secret residents…
    Cover of Northwood – Part 4
  • Northwood – Part 513m 10s13m 10s
    Cecilia suggests a plan to escape from Northwood forest
    Cover of Northwood – Part 5
  • Northwood – Part 612m 31s12m 31s
    Cecilia and the twins decide to go looking for the balloon in Northwood forest
    Cover of Northwood – Part 6
  • Northwood – Part 713m 21s13m 21s
    Cecilia and the twins escape their pursuers and make surprising discoveries.
    Cover of Northwood – Part 7
  • Northwood – Part 812m 28s12m 28s
    More shocking discoveries after Cecilia and the twins find a strange mural
    Cover of Northwood – Part 8
  • Northwood – Part 913m 3s13m 3s
    King Harry and his soldiers react very badly to Cecilia's discoveries
    Cover of Northwood – Part 9
  • Northwood – Part 1014m 26s14m 26s
    Cecilia and the twins are cornered by Black Lions - will they ever escape to tell the people about King Harry?
    Cover of Northwood – Part 10