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Suzy & Friends

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Suzy & Friends

By Suzy Cato and Trevor Plant

Narrated by Suzy Cato and Trevor Plant

Suitable for Kids

Join Suzy & Friends for a weekly slice of a Kiwi kid’s life! Kids share their thoughts, talents, and tales; and hosts Suzy Cato and Trevor Plant share songs, stories, and silliness; and there’s always loads of love and laughter! It’s not just for ngā tamariki either – there’s something for the whole whānau. Made with support from NZ On Air.

  • Suzy & Friends: Episode 120m 31s20m 31s
    Tune in for 'What's that Sound?, episode one of Chad Awesomesauce and the Voyage to Voyager, and nine-year old Lucy talking about learning a musical instrument.
    Cover of Suzy & Friends: Episode 1
  • Suzy & Friends: Episode 223m 36s23m 36s
    Suzy talks to young Te'a about skateboarding; eight-year-old Cortina chats about the book The Messy-o-saurus; and kids tell their favourite jokes. Plus, Fun Facts and 'Cool to Kōrero'.
    Cover of Suzy & Friends: Episode 2
  • Suzy & Friends: Episode 319m 28s19m 28s
    The space adventure Chad Awesomesauce continues; five-year-old Olivia talks about Butterfly Creek; and Suzy has some amazing Fun Facts about tohorā - whales.
    Cover of Suzy & Friends: Episode 3
  • Trailer: Suzy & Friends1m 17s1m 17s
    Suzy Cato and Trevor Plant present a podcast made for kiwi kids. Based on the award-winning Suzy & Friends radio show it features audio stories, kids talking about books, tamariki telling jokes, Fun Facts, and lots more. Tune in for a new episode every Monday.
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