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The Loblolly Boy

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The Loblolly Boy

By James Norcliffe

Narrated by Dick Weir

Suitable for Young Adult

Published by Allen and Unwin Children

A gripping story about a boy who gains the power of flight, but loses touch with what makes him human

  • The Loblolly Boy – Part 113m 32s13m 32s
    Michael, or Red as he's known in the Great House he lives in, wants to escape from the horrid institution. He meets a green flying boy who exchanges places with him, granting him freedom and the ability to fly.
    Cover of The Loblolly Boy – Part 1
  • The Loblolly Boy – Part 213m 35s13m 35s
    The new Loblolly Boy flies to a small bay and meets Captain Bass who has a magic telescope that can see into the future. The Loblolly Boy also learns he can't be seen by most people, only by Sensitives and Collectors.
    Cover of The Loblolly Boy – Part 2
  • The Loblolly Boy – Part 312m 16s12m 16s
    The Loblolly Boy looks through the Captain's telescope and sees an angry woman with two girls and a dog, and a sinister-looking butterfly collector.
    Cover of The Loblolly Boy – Part 3
  • The Loblolly Boy – Part 410m 54s10m 54s
    The Captain gives the Loblolly Boy a small model train engine and instructs him to return it. Michael flies off to find his future. He meets Suzy and Meg and sits with the dog Bella while they're at school. They must be Sensitives.
    Cover of The Loblolly Boy – Part 4
  • The Loblolly Boy – Part 512m 9s12m 9s
    The Loblolly Boy goes to Meg and Suzy's home and gives Meg the model train to look after. They all go to the park and see a creepy-looking insect collector who scares the girls. He catches The Loblolly Boy in his net.
    Cover of The Loblolly Boy – Part 5
  • The Loblolly Boy – Part 612m 38s12m 38s
    Suzy comes into the room where the Collector has trapped the Loblolly Boy in a cage and agrees to exchange with him. She will become a Loblolly Boy and be able to fly away free, and he will become Suzy left in the cage.
    Cover of The Loblolly Boy – Part 6
  • The Loblolly Boy – Part 711m 56s11m 56s
    The Collector returns to the room to find a girl in his cage. Then there's a knocking at the door.
    Cover of The Loblolly Boy – Part 7
  • The Loblolly Boy – Part 811m 45s11m 45s
    Michael/Suzy has learnt that he's staying with his mother and sisters. But he wants to be his real boy self Michael.
    Cover of The Loblolly Boy – Part 8
  • The Loblolly Boy – Part 914m 37s14m 37s
    After a bit of exchanging, Meg and Suzy become themselves again and Michael is the Loblolly Boy once more. He goes back to the Captain to return the model train and is nearly caught by the Collector again.
    Cover of The Loblolly Boy – Part 9
  • The Loblolly Boy – Part 1012m 10s12m 10s
    The Loblolly Boy flies back to the Great House and finds Red, the boy who exchanged with him in the first place. He gives him back the train and Red agrees to exchange back to being a Loblolly Boy, just as Suzy, Meg and their mother turn up.
    Cover of The Loblolly Boy – Part 10